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Brook  Nepon-Sixt

Brook Nepon-Sixt

Brook Nepon-Sixt



Dr. Brook Nepon-Sixt successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on June 9, 2016. He is pictured with his committee (left to right): Committee members Meera Nanjundan and Doug Cress; Brook; Major Professor Mark Alexandrow; committee member Teresita Munoz-Antonia; external chair Anindya Dutta from the University of Virginia. Dr. Nepon-Sixt has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship with his current mentor, Dr. Mark Alexandrow, at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Dr. Nepon-Sixt's publication record while in the Cancer Biology Program:

Borysov SI*, Nepon-Sixt BS*, Alexandrow MG3.The N Terminus of the Retinoblastoma Protein Inhibits DNA Replication via a Bipartite Mechanism Disrupted in Partially Penetrant Retinoblastomas. Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Dec 28;36(5):832-45. doi: 0.1128/MCB.00636-15.PMID: 26711265

*denotes equal contribution to the work