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Melissa  Buckley

Melissa Buckley

Melissa Buckley




Pictured with her committee, Dr. Melissa Buckley successfully defended her dissertation on June 22, 2015. From left to right: Committee members Javier Cuevas and Jiandong Chen; Dissertation Chair Fergus Couch, Mayo Clinic, Rochester; Melissa Buckley; Committee member Catherine Phelan and Major Professor Alvaro Monteiro. Dr. Buckley is working as an independent medical writer for her company MB Medical Communications.

Dr. Buckley's publication record while in the Program:

Buckley M, Gjyshi A, Carvalho RS, Mendoza-Fandiño G, Carvalho MA, Baskin R, Woods NT, Monteiro ANA (2016). Enhancer scanning to locate regulatory regions in genomic loci. Nat Protoc. 2016 Jan; 11(1): 46-60. PMID: 26658467

Pharoah PD, Tsai YY, Ramus SJ, Phelan CM, Goode EL, Lawrenson K, Buckley M, Fridley BL... (158 OCAC authors)... Chenevix-Trench G, Iversen E, Monteiro ANA, Gayther S, Schildkraut JM, Sellers TA. GWAS meta-analysis and replication identifies three novel common susceptibility loci for ovarian cancer. Nature Genetics. 2013 Apr;45(4):362-70, 370e1-2.

Buckley MA, Gjyshi A, Monteiro A. Functional Analysis of Predisposition Loci. AACR Education Book. (2013).

Gayther S, Monteiro ANA, Milne R, Pharoah P, Easton D, Buckley M, Bahcall O.“Primers” for webpage for the Nature Genetics special issue reporting papers from Collaborative Gene-Environment Interaction Studies (COGS). Nature Genetics “Primers” Focus issue: April 2013 Volume 45, No 4.

Fine tuning chemotherapy to match BRCA1 status. Melissa Price and Alvaro N.A. Monteiro - Biochemical Pharmacology, 2010