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Rebecca Kinkade Davis

Rebecca Kinkade Davis

Rebecca Kinkade Davis




Dr. Rebecca "Becky" Kinkade Davis is shown with her committee following her defense on March 31, 2008. Pictured from right to left: Committee members Eric Haura, Said Sebti; Major Professor Srikumar Chellappan; Becky; Committee member Doug Cress and Dissertation Chair Scott Hiebert from University of Vanderbilt School of Medicine. Dr. Kinkade served as postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Alan Fields, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville and held the position of Associate Scientific Director for Publicis Healthcare Communication Group - Discovery Chicago. She then served as Senior Director for Scientific Strategy, Conisus LLC, VP and Managing Director of Vereo Communications and is now VP and Managing Director of E Squared Communications based in Atlanta.

The USF Graduate School selected Dr. Davis's dissertation to receive the Outstanding Dissertation Award for academic year 2008-2009. This prestigious award is given to only two doctoral students each year; Dr. Davis was honored with a plaque and monetary award in Fall 2009.

Dr. Kinkade's publication record while in the Program:

Gardner, R.A.; Kinkade, R.; Wang, C; Phanstiel, O., IV. (2004) Total Synthesis of Petrobactin and its Homologues as Potential Growth Stimuli for Marinobacterhydrocarbonoclasticus, an Oil-Degrading Bacteria. J. Org. Chem.; 69 (10); 3530-3537.

Dasgupta P, Kinkade R, Joshi B, DeCook C, Haura E, Chellappan S. Nicotine inhibits apoptosis induced by chemotherapeutic drugs by up-regulating XIAP and surviving. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Apr 18;103(16):6332-7. Epub 2006 Apr 6.

Kinkade, R., Dasgupta, P. Chellappan, S. The ABCs of Targeting Raf: Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapy. Curr Cancer Ther Rev, 2: 305-314, 2006.

Kinkade, R., Rizwani, W. and Chellappan, S. (2007) E2F transcription factors in cell proliferation, apoptosis, senescence and cancer. In `Control of cellular physiology by transcription factors E2F’. Dr. Kenichi Yoshida, Editor. Research Signpost Press.

Kinkade R, Dasgupta P, Carie A, Pernazza D, Carless M, Pillai S, Lawrence N, Sebti S, Chellappan S. A small molecule disruptor of Rb-Raf-1 interaction inhibits cell proliferation, angiogenesis and growth of human tumor xenografts in nude mice. Cancer Res. 2008 May 15;68(10):3810-8.

Dasgupta P, Rizwani W, Pillai S, Kinkade R, Kovacs M, Rastogi S, Banerjee S, Carless M, Kim E, Coppola D, Haura E, Chellappan S. Nicotine induces cell proliferation, invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in a variety of human cancer cell lines. Int J Cancer. 2009 Jan 1;124(1):36-45.

Dr. Kinkade's publication record since graduation:

Regala RP, Davis RK, Kunz A, Khoor A, Leitges M, Fields AP. Atypical protein kinase C{iota} is required for bronchioalveolar stem cell expansion and lung tumorigenesis.Cancer Res. 2009 Oct 1;69(19):7603-11