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Shruti  Desai

Shruti Desai

Shruti Desai




Dr. Shruti Desai, pictured with her committee, successfully defended her dissertation on May 25, 2010. From left to right: Committee member Sheng Wei, M.D., Major Professor Ken Wright, Ph.D., Shruti, Committee members Doug Cress, Ph.D. and Amer Beg, Ph.D., Dissertation Chair Wayne Tam, M.D., Ph.D., Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Desai has accepted a postdoctoral position with Dr. Ming Tan, Mitchell Cancer Institute, University of South Alabama, Mobile.

Following completion of her postdoc training, Dr. Desai taught as an adjunct professor at the University of West Florida; she has recently accepted an offer from Merck for a position as a Senior Scientific Specialist, Medical Information Division, greater Philadelphia area.

Dr. Desai's publication record while in the Program:

Desai S, Maurin M, Smith MA, Bolick SC, Dessureault S, Tao J, Sotomayor E, Wright KL. PRDM1 is required for mantle cell lymphoma response to bortezomib. Mol Cancer Res. 2010 Jun;8(6):907-18.

Desai S, Bolick S, Maurin M, Wright KL. PU.1 Regulates Positive Regulatory Domain I-Binding Factor 1/Blimp-1 Transcription in Lymphoma Cells. J. Immunol. 2009, Nov 1; 183(9), 5778-5787.

Dr. Desai's publication record since graduation:

Desai S, Ding M, Wang B, Lu Z, Zhao Q, Shaw K, Yung WK, Weinstein JN, Tan M, Yao J. Tissue-specific isoform switch and DNA hypomethylation of the pyruvate kinase PKM gene in human cancers. Oncotarget. 2014 Sep 30;5(18):8202-10. PMID: 24077665

Desai S, Liu Z, Yao J, Patel N, Chen J, Wu Y, Ahn EE, Fodstad O, Tan M. Heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) controls chemoresistance and autophagy through transcriptional regulation of autophagy-related protein 7 (ATG7). J Biol Chem. 2013 Mar 29;288(13):9165-76. PMID: 23386620

Liu Z, Liu H, Desai S, Schmitt DC, Zhou M, Khong HT, Klos KS, McClellan S, Fodstad O, Tan M. miR-125b functions as a key mediator for snail-induced stem cell propagation and chemoresistance. J Biol Chem. 2013 Feb 8;288(6):4334-45. PMID: 23255607

Ding Y, Liu Z, Desai S, Zhao Y, Liu H, Pannell LK, Yi H, Wright ER, Owen LB, Dean-Colomb W, Fodstad O, Lu J, LeDoux SP, Wilson GL, Tan M. Receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB2 translocates into mitochondria and regulates cellular metabolism. Nat Commun. 2012;3:1271. PMID: 23232401