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Kenneth  Shain

Kenneth Shain

Kenneth Shain
Assistant Professor


Phone: 813/745-7904



University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, PhD, 2001, Biochemistry/Mol Biol
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, MD, 2002-2006, Medicine
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 2006-2008, Medicine Residency
Moffitt Cancer Center & USF, Postdoctoral, 2008-2010 Hematology and Oncology Fellowship


Dr. Shain’s research background has been in the regulation acquired and de novo mediated drug resistance in multiple myeloma and other hematologic malignancies. This work has fostered two primary focuses. First, our data suggests that that multivariant stimuli by soluble and physical environmental determinants collaborate in modulating novel signaling networks and biological outcomes (intracellular systems biology) contributing to drug resistance. As such, the limitations in target discovery and development in myeloma may stem from a lack of considering the influence of the microenvironment in drug response and the emergence of drug resistance. Therefore, we utilize preclinical models of the multi-dimensional microenvironment to 1) study the intracellular systems biology and 2) identification of relevant drug targets in the tumor cell and the cellular microenvironment to facilitate the rationale design of combination therapy. Second, our research has also identified the Fanconi Anemia (FA)/BRCA DNA repair pathway as key determinants in resistance to DNA damaging agents. We are currently investigating this pathway and methods by which regulation of the pathway may be utilized in the design of targeted-agent combination therapies for myeloma and other cancers. Further, as a clinician in Malignant Hematology, specifically MM, at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Dr. Shain is positioned to continue to foster preclinical and translational research as well as the application of these findings.