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Uwe  Rix

Uwe Rix

Uwe Rix
Assistant Professor


Phone: 813/745-3714



Ph.D., MUSC, Charleston, SC (2003)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) of
the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria (2004-11)
Visiting Scholar, Cellzome, AG, Heidelberg, Germany (2004)
Postdoctoral Scholar, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky (2003-04)
Visiting Scholar, Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, CAU Kiel, Germany (2000)


My scientific interest centers on chemical biology, targeted drugs, drug-protein interaction networks, synergy and molecular mechanisms of action in the context of cancer research, e.g. lung cancer. I will pursue a multi-layered chemical biology/’omics’ strategy (chemical systems biology/systems pharmacology) based on the systematic screening for drug synergy and subsequent identification of the molecular basis underlying the observed synergy by e.g. combining chemical proteomics, phosphoproteomics and transcriptomics approaches. This integrated strategy will identify on one hand novel synergistic drug combinations, which due to the focus on clinical drug candidates will have high potential for translation into clinical settings. In addition, the mechanistic understanding will help to further dissect complex oncogenic signaling networks, as well as providing potential mechanism-based biomarkers that can guide patient stratification for future clinical trials of the respective drug combinations.