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Cancer Biology Travel Awards 2016-2017

2016 International Congress of Immunology in Melbourne, Australia, August 21-26 2016

Rebecca Hesterberg gave a plenary presentation of her abstract titled “Targeting Cereblon for Anti-Tumor Immunity”

ISCaM 2016, Brussels, Belgium, October 26-29, 2016

Shonagh Russell presented her poster, "Metabolic Profiling in Complex Tissues"

CABTRAC 2016, Pittsburgh, November 4-6, 2016

Natalia Sumi will attend the annual Cancer Biology Training Consortium meeting as the student representative from the Program.

ASH 2016, San Diego, California, December 2-6, 2016

Ashley Basiorka will present her poster, "NLRP3 Inflammasome-Derived ASC Specks are a Diagnostic Biomarker for Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)"

2017 Keystone Symposia Conference, Cell Plasticity within the Tumor Microenvironment,
Big Sky, Montana, January 8-12, 2017

Chen Hao Lo will present his poster, "Temporal Dynamics of Macrophage Plasticity in Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer"

USF Health Research Day, February 24, 2017, Tampa, FL

Kamira Maharaj presented her poster, "HDAC6 as a therapeutic target in CLL"

AACR 2017, April 1-5, 2017, Washington, DC

Five students received Program travel awards to attend AACR and present posters:

Carly Harro: "Two distinct regulatory mechanisms underlie estrogen receptor negative breast cancer susceptibility at the 2p23.2 locus"

Pat Innamarato: "The role of CCL-2 on lymphopenia-induced myeloid derived suppressor cells"

Shonagh Russell: "The Warburg Effect: Protons Suck"

Natalia Sumi: "Integrated functional proteomics of MET/VEGFR inhibitors reveals complex mechanism of action of forenitib in NSCLC"

Mengyu Xie: "MEK inhibitors potentiate tumor immune surveillance by enhancing cancer cell response in IFNy"

Cancer and Bone Society Conference 2017, May 4-6, 2017, Indianapolis, IN

Jeremy McGuire was invited to give an oral presentation and present a poster.
Oral presentation:"HDAC inhibition: A novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of primary and lung metastatic osteosarcoma."
Poster: Mesenchymal stem cells promote the evolution of apoptotic resistant prostate cancer in the bone microenvironment."

AAI 2017, May 12-16, 2017, Washington, DC

Afua Akuffo:"Intracellular protein degradation of BRD4 by dBET1 reveals conserved in vivo cereblon function in human and mouse T-cells"

Rebecca Hesterberg:"Cereblon ablation increases T cell anti-tumor immunity"

Student Travel Supported by Other Funding

ASH 2016, San Diego, CA, December 2-6, 2016

Kamira Maharaj will present her poster, "Combinational Effects of HDAC6 and Ibrutinib Therapy in CLL Murine Model". Kamira received a Minority Graduate Student Abstract Achievement Award which enabled her to attend the meeting.

Cancer and Bone Society Conference 2017, May 4-6, 2017, Indianapolis, IN

Jeremy Frieling will give an oral presentation of his abstract, "MMP Processing of PTHrP Yields a Selective Regulator of Osteogenesis, PTHrP1-17" during the Cancer and Bone Society Conference 2017 in Indianapolis in May. His travel is funded by his major professor, Dr. Conor Lynch.

Lipari School of Computational Life Sciences, July 9-15, 2017, Lipari, Sicily

Natalia Junqueira Sumi will travel to Lipari, Sicily in July to attend the Lipari School on Computational Life Sciences. The school focuses on algorithms, models, biomedical and biotechnological techniques. Natalia's trip is funded by a $2,000 award from the USF Office of Graduate Studies and by her Major Professor, Dr. Uwe Rix.

News and Events

Student Picnics

The Cancer Biology Program hosted a student picnic in October to kick off the academic year. Students and faculty enjoyed an afternoon filled with picnic fare, conversation and horseshoes at USF Riverfront Park. Several four legged companions attended too!

The CBSO hosted an End of the Semester picnic at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs to finish out the school year. Here are some pictures of the gathering - looks like a good time was had by all!